How do I download blob / file:/// url with custom webview?

Hello everyone, I am using Sunny Gupta's Custom Web View extension (latest). I am unable to download Data Uri, file:/// URLs, or blobs. It just shows a runtime error saying Can only download HTTP/HTTPS Uri. I have searched it on Google and found no solution. Is there an extension or some method to bypass this restriction.

How do you do this outside of AI2 ? e.g. download a blob, datauri or file:/// URL (?) to your computer ?

It works fine on a computer.

OK, but how do you do it? This might provide an indication of what is needed in AI2 ?

Provide a working example

I have no working example. I tried and tried but I keep getting that error.

but, you just said....

Show one of these working examples.....

I meant downloading using a normal browser (Chrome) (Windows 10).