How do I download a file from a website in a webviewer?

Ok, thank you. How can I make it with "allow file access".
Did you have a link for me where I can find help?

Thank you very much.

I believe there is a property called File access in the extension. As said, you might want to use the :mag: Search feature in this forum, we can't jam all methods in a topic as that would be tedious.

I have put the Custom Webview extension and download helper in my app.
But the app doesn´t start. Anywhere is a mistake.
test (2).aia (88.3 KB)
Maybe you can inspect my app :wink:
Thanks a lot...

I have search everything but i doesn´t find an answer...

Here are my Blocks in English.

It looks like you did not initialize the custom webviewer correctly...

For more information see here


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ok, I thing i did it initalize...
Now comes the message:
Argument #2 (com.sunny.CustomWebView.CustomWebView@b39f831) to 'com.gordonlu.webviewerprogress.WebViewProgress.ApplyProgressChangedListener(' has wrong type (com.sunny.CustomWebView.CustomWebView) (expected:
I thing the ApplyProgressChangedListener is wrong. The Block is from Webview. Is there a Block from custom web view? I found nothing.

But Downloads doesn´t work...

The block only works for App Inventor built-in WebViewers.

Yes, that´s the Problem. I need it for my canvas Loading Bar.
Because I want the download option I need the custom webviewer.
Hmmm, any idea?

Which is the block ApplyProgressChangedListener for Custom Webview?

If you already have CustomWebView then why are you using any other webview extension?

What i want;
Canva loading Bar
Download Files from Website
When back press notifier come

For Canva loading Bar i need the applyprogresschanged block. This i find only for webview.

So... If anybody can make it for me, that were great and i will pay for it.

Thanks from germany

CustomWebView already has that feature.
Why not look at some examples which you can easily find in the community?

I have delete the Block but the loading Bar doesn't Work.
I have read so much but i dont understand it. Can you Help me please and "repair" it and make the Features above.
Sorry for my Englisch.
Thanks a lot

Please check this aia to know the usage of OnProgressChanged event.

Thank you... I think it´s to high for me :frowning:
would you do it for me i would pay you for it There are simply too many connections and blocks for me.
hope you can do it...




Ok, this is the loading Bar.
How it works to download Files from any Website link?

For downloading files:

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Are you sure with the downloadDir?

I think it should be /Download.

See here: