How do I display questions randomly in a quiz app?

I am planning to make a quiz app with around 100 questions(MCQ) and I hat I want is that

When the quiz starts, I want it to display all my 100 questions not in the order. but It should display it randomly. One by One.

but I don't know how to do it.

If anyone knows, Please send me the coding of the following

How to add Questions and 4 answers with one answer to be the correct one and if the player chose the correct answer, he must receive 5 points for each question.

How to do the coding of that if a player start to play, the questions which I upload must be viewed randomly when the next button is clicked after each question

Also, If the player restarts the game the order of questions must be changed.

That's It.
Please help me.

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Try a community search for quiz, this questions has been asked a lot!

Also check the AppInventor Tutorials for quiz examples:

and here:

But, the thing I want is not there. :worried:

Anyone please help me on this...

Make a list of questions. Then use a block that takes a random item from the list. To prevent repeated questions, remove an item from the list that has already been selected.

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Thanks a lot.
I'll try it and let you know soon.

I want it to have a answer list too

You can use a dictionary - the questions as keys and the answers as value.

BTW I thought that image would be a reserved username!