How do I display a sequence of events?

I want to introduce a "pause" (more or less 1 sec) between two contents are displayed.
I naively tried this :

(with 5 secs so that I really see it work ... if it works)
but (a) I don't know what to put in the "do" section (I put a "useless variable" set to "" just to put something)
and (b) it is obviously not the good way :joy: (returns an error) ;

I searched here but didn't find a topic (title of my post in searchfield) ; and I actually don't fully understand the clock-blocks.

Is there a "wait" function anywhere ?

Can anyone help me :slight_smile: ?
Thanks a lot

Here is a simple example of how you might achieve what you want to do with a list, a clock timer and a counter.

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Thanks, you showed exactly what I was looking for !
And I was really out of the target :joy:

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