How do i detect 2 numbers phone from the front

Hi all,
how do i detect 2 numbers from the front?
i have number, i use this with textboxt1 : 087777777266788
but if i write the number not 08 then an error will occur through the notification
thank all for help

Use the segment text block, and use it on the TextBox1.text. Compare that value with "08," and proceed from there.

ok i try now

compare textbox1 = 08
start 1
length 2

not work why

please show how you've implemented this in blocks

this is my block

the event should be textbox.changed

oh just now I got the solution, thanks for reply nishyanthkumar

It can't be on Screen1 Initialize, there isn't anything in the TextBox at that time? Also you haven't incorporated Nishyanth's code!

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in button

You are using the replace all block...
The correct block to be used is the segment block...


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ok thanks taifun

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