How do I deal about releasing my app on Google play?

I am not sure if I can have the problem here..but

When I tried to release my app on Google Play Console
I got warning message of my app ..
Please help me how to fix it

This is what I got..#


Check these warnings before starting the rollout of this release. Addressing the warnings on this page will ensure your existing users are able to upgrade to the latest version of your app.

Unoptimized APK


This APK results in unused code and resources being sent to users. Your app could be smaller if you used the Android App Bundle. By not optimizing your app for device configurations, your app is larger to download and install on users' devices than it needs to be. Larger apps see lower install success rates and take up storage on users' devices.


Use the Android App Bundle to automatically optimize for device configurations, or manage it yourself with multiple APKs.


App Inventor 2 apps cannot use or create the Android App Bundle to ‘optimize’ your app. You have to do that yourself by re-using components etc.

Please read the articles in the Forum to learn the details about how to handling this isssue using AI2:!searchin/mitappinventortest/app$20bundle|sort:date

What do you do? Just ignore the warning. An App Bundle is not a requirement. Just upload your app as it is.



But the warn cannot be ignored, it doesn’t let you continue and launch the app in this moment, so now you can’t publish and app Inventor app, at least this is my experience today, I’ve spend many hours and gets nothing, no solution founded …


warnings can be ignored, errors not...
so it seems to be, there are still errors or some information is missing before you will be able to publish...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

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As a counterpoint, the MIT App Inventor companion is an App Inventor app that gets compiled when we build the App Inventor system. We publish the companion as an APK through Google Play whenever we do a release–App Inventor does not have AAB support. You may be missing some other data in the Play Console to complete your app submission.

tengo el mismo problema para subir el apk a la consola play
he intentado abrir el apk en android estudio y luego guardar como aab
para subirlo a la consola play, pero android estudio me marca error en gradle y no se puede actualizar.

App Inventor apps are Google Play ready... just upload as it is... see also Uploading Your Apps to Google Play

and see again Evan's answer here


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

I think I have the same scenario. The error message says I have to go back to the Dashboard. I'm not sure if I missed out something but I only have 1 step left which is rolling it out but it doesn't let me.

What happens when you go to the dashboard?

Thank you for responding deanart2012. I was able to figure it out. I'm using the Play Console Beta and it doesn't show the portions I've missed. When I went back to the classic UI, I was able to fix everything.

The Beta version has me confused as well. I don’t know why they’re changing something that works just fine.

1 quick question though, do you know how to add a billing permission inside appInventor? thanx

You’ll need an extension. See here for one that is paid.

Hello I too have got errors while putting my app in google play console. Kindly help me

You need to find out exactly what the errors are before anyone can help you.