How do I create application's icon on mobile screen automatically?

I notice that as soon as any application is installed, an icon for the application is created on the mobile screen automatically .. but unfortunately the application that I programmed does not do that .. Is there a way that enables me to create an icon for my application on the mobile screen once it is installed?

Here, take a look at this screenshot:

  1. Download your icon to your PC;

  2. Upload your icon by clicking on 'Upload File' in Media;

  3. Once that's finished, click 'Icon' in the properties of the Screen;

  4. Select your icon.

  5. That's it!


...that's nearly it. Ensure your icon image is PNG format. If you want App Inventor to produce an icon family to suit devices of different resolutions, the image should be 1024pix x 1024pix x 24bit. Currently that will make your APK bigger because the large image is not auto-removed by App Inventor unfortunately. Alternative, use a 96pix by 96pix x 24bit PNG image. That works well on most devices.


Thank you for your concern and replies
But I have already assigned an icon for the application in png format and dimensions of 500 x 500 px and followed the same steps that you explained

But when you install the application, the icon does not appear on the main mobile screen. To find the application, you must go to all the applications on the mobile and search for it there (then I find the icon of my application) .. although other applications appear automatically once installed on the main mobile screen (as if the applications It creates a shortcut for its icon automatically) .. and I want the icon of my application to appear on the home screen so that it is easy to find and I do not need to search for it after installing it

I hope I was able to clarify my question for you and I am waiting for your help

Really? Can you post your application icon?

They are shortcuts and aren't guaranteed to be created automatically upon installation.
But why is that your concern?
Also try in different devices to know actual behaviour of your app.

Hatem, post your project file here.

Have you tried swiping right to view additional screens. Usually when I install an app it is adds to a second/third home screen on my device (Android 11)

Cmq io penso che 500 x 500 px sia un pĆ² esagerato come grandezza di un'icona..basterebbe anche 100 x 100 px.

... of course, it is possible that there is something slightly wrong with your master image - it can still be displayed well on a PC but Android does not have half of what Windows does silently in the background.

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If the App is only for your use on your device, you can simply drag the icon to your home screen. If however you are distributing your App to other people, you should not force your App onto the home screen - it's for the User to decide if they want that or not.


I have seen apps that automatically create a shortcut. But I also saw apps that had options in the shortcut creation / delete menu.

This is my app icon
I tried changing icon size 100x100 and 1024x1024 but the problem still present

It has caught my attention that almost all applications automatically create a shortcut on the home screen of my device except for my application.. I think creating this shortcut once the application is installed will increase its usage rate.

Maybe you can share APK download link.

Use the extension. Here you have links to extensions:

Use the search engine. Keyword: "shortcut"


WebsiteApp.aia (148.8 KB)

This is my project, it is a simple app for a website.

Yes, I tried this and I didn't find any shortcuts for my app

I tried 100x100 icon but this didn't solve the problem

Using Android Studio, a developer possibly can do this according to the post. Can intents (ActivityStarter) be used like this with App Inventor. I don't know.

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