How do I create an application generator?

Can I create an application like Appsgeyser?
And specifically chat application :roll_eyes:.

AppsGeyser is an apps generator. Do you want to create an apps generator or chat?

An application generator that builds chat applications

I think if you have sufficient knowledge and skills in programming in Java, Java Scripts, HTML and probably a few more, you can do it.

As you can see from my profile, unfortunately I do not know java :slight_smile::disappointed_relieved:.

A regular app, made in blocks, can not compile another app. You can only make an app for chat, not a chat generator.

From what I understand App Inventor can not create such applications
but thanks for help :grin::disappointed_relieved::slight_smile:.

You have shown the page, it is in a sense such appinventor but with smaller opportunities. It has your compilation server. Creating simple APP is fast thanks to templates.

As far as I know, there are many similar pages to create apps, maybe you will find the one that creates a chat.

AppsGeyser builds chat apps and all I want to do is build an app generator

You canโ€™t do that with AI2 or any of its distributions.

I will need special extensions

Once you find those special extensions let the rest of us know.

I think they do not exist :disappointed_relieved:.

If anyone knows or has or will make such an extension to answer

Itโ€™s not going to happen so please stop posting about this.