How do I Create A Word by Word Dictation App?

I want to create an app where I can enter a long paragraph and the Text to Speech reads it out to me, one word at a time. For example:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque efficitur condimentum odio, sed egestas orci. Pellentesque molestie vitae velit non congue. Curabitur ac maximus est, et laoreet leo. Nam bibendum felis sit amet varius porttitor. Quisque in augue nisi. Quisque eu tempor tortor. Donec non libero eget nibh aliquet pulvinar. Pellentesque vel nulla lectus. Aliquam tempus, eros cursus pellentesque vestibulum, felis est convallis purus, nec lacinia justo tortor in turpis. Nunc vitae erat at urna rutrum sollicitudin id eget est. Aenean sit amet est eget neque iaculis ullamcorper. Proin leo nibh, ultricies et orci a, mattis varius arcu. Nunc semper egestas convallis. In ornare ut lectus et lobortis. Nam fermentum sodales leo sit amet interdum.

In this paragraph, it first says Lorem, then I click a button and it says the ipsum (or a cooler thing would be to implement a Speech Recognizer which says the next word when I say 'OK').

Is it possible to create such an app? If yes, how? I tried doing it but I don't understand how to make it say one word at a time.

Split your text into a list of words using the text block split at spaces.
Keep that in a global variable wordList.

When Button1 Click:
  If is empty list(wordList) then
     refill wordList from your original text
     say (select item 1 from list wordList)
     remove item 1 from list wordList

@ABG I tried this:

Only thing that happened is that the interval between to two words increased by a second.

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You keep reloading your word list after speaking each word?

Don't you want to go on to the next word after speaking it?

I did not experience increased intervals between words.
blocks dictate.aia (2.2 KB)

I think it should be like this (to work with the first button click too):

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