How do I create a screen slider in android app?

see the video attached below ...

As you all would have seen if I click the three small horizontal lines in YouTube a slide screen appears with more options and external links ...

I want to make this feature in my app which contains many options which when clicked will redirect the users to another screen . This feature should appear only when the user swipes from left to right ...

As I am a new comer , I don't know whether app inventor supports this feature or we will have to use any extension developed by our talented and powerful community ...

I need a bit of all your guidance which will help me in finishing this project ...

Thanking you all in advance ...

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Give me few minutes I will give you an example.

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Sure,Thank you

Try This-

Let me , Try and reply ASAP
Thank you

Here you go
SideBar.aia (4.1 KB)

Not tested though.

These are the blocks -

Hi There .. @Alaqmar_Bohori
I tried this aia file but I dont want that Side Bar appear always it should actually open only when the user swipes from left to right or when the three small horizontal lines button clicked ..

thank you

Did this work?

try it:
SideBarNew (3).aia (14.1 KB)

Kodular has the option to detect swipe gesture and also button click detection.

You don't need a Kodular to do this. I have placed the test .aia above.