How do i create a cube root calculator here on this platform?

Can someone give me a code to the following operation

Where is the following operation Prateek?

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Here is one way:


Use Taifun's free extension that implements xMathParser byMariusz Gromada for the mXparser library

If you write root(3,8) , the parser will return 2
If you write root(3,216) , the parser will return 6



P.S. These blocks can be dragged directly into your Blocks Editor workspace.


ABG wins


...but I used @Juan_Antonio's formula.

thanks all i did that day itself but still thanks a lot

i did by it taking value from textbox took into variable "a" and then multiplied variable "b" like bbb and checked if its equal to a if yes then display b or else increase b by 1 . check the video from where i did it