How do I copy text without it showing in clipboard?

Hello, I am working on my password database app and have added a button so users can copy the username or password to clipboard for quicker use.

Using this extension:

However, I need a way for the password to be copied but not shown in the clipboard. I am sure other apps allow you to do this, but I can't think how and the extension doesn't have options for it.

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Not sure what you mean, when using the extension the copied text is not displayed anywhere until it is pasted?

Maybe you want paste ****

I mean when I click the button the text from the password textbox is copied and can be pasted. However if the user goes to there keyboard and then clipboard the uncensored password is shown there and will come up in predictive text. Which is not ideal.

I know other apps allow you to copy the password without it being stored in the phones clipboard or showing up in predictive text. But the extention doesn't have options for that so I don't know how to go about it.

You could save the password to a variable then use the gotFocus event to activate the paste, perhaps using a notifier for confirmation ?

Wouldn't work as I need the password to be saved so I could use outside the app. It needs to be saved to a temporary cache or something.

Any other suggestions?

Which one? Any example?

The password manager app I'm using copies the password also into the clipboard... which will be readable elsewhere...



I can't remember or find the ones I read about before but they mentioned using specific things in the android software to cache the password. Will keep trying to find it again. Bit another one that comes up alot is 1Password. I did see another interesting workaround that might be easier to implement I to the extention. Which was that the password is stored in the clipboard then deleted after a certain time e.g. 15 seconds. Enough time for the user to copy and use the password but then have it removed from the clipboard and predictive text after. Still not great if you already have a virus that looks in the clipboard as this is a vulnerable storage space. But still better than having it constantly in there.