How do I copy files from the assets to one of the shared folders?

Hi. May I know how to make our app that user click download button next the app will download files such as mp3/mp4, which extension should I use? And if someone can share blocks of download file... because I'm still new to using this mit inventor app. Thank you

"download" to where from where ? File sizes?

download from app (app folder) into phone folder (storage).

file size 4.2 mb

because i make app that user can download song from app.

By that you mean copy from the app's storage area (ASD) - or from media folder( assets) to the device's shared storage (e.g. Music / Downloads) ?

yes. which from media that I upload in my project to device shared storage.

How many files are you hoping to store in the media folder to copy over?

You would simply use the File component for this.


so, can u explain to me about file component?

This may help

a different scenario here @The_K_Studio


and you also should need to set the Screen1 properties filescope to Legacy



so, how can I create folder with file component?

Sorry I left off the folder, see again.

No, but you must set DefaultFileScope to Legacy in the Designer or use my extension MFile, which does not (incorrectly) request WRITE permission on Android 11+ (as the File component incorrectly does).

Btw, the topic should be "How do I copy files from the assets to one of the shared folders?"


Can you check my block? Is what I did right? Because it comes out notification.

Thank you.


See here: