How do I convert extension from .nix to .aix?

I am Srikar
I recently developed an extension in Niotron IDE
but the file is downloaded in .nix can anyone help me how to convert .nix file to .aix file
Thank You,

Maybe you just have to rename the nix file. Did you try that?

do you mean I should change the file name to XXXXX.nix and rename it to XXXXX.aix

yes, that is what i mean.

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It Didn't work it said:

Are you sure you have compiled the code?
Also this is not Niotron community so I don't think this is correct place to ask questions related to Niotron or its IDE.

Yes I compiled it

Ok I will ask it in Niotron Community

Its Niotron IDE

You are wrong, you may have clicked export project, it exports a .nix file, instead click on compile extension button


Exactly It happened with me also just click compile project

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I already clicked on that Compile Extension button But It does nothing
and only shows like this:

Then I did not understand anything and clicked on Export Project

That's the error in your code first learn Java

Wat classes are you importing ?

They don't exist

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Please take this discussion to Niotron