How do I convert a YailList to list <Double>

I am trying to proces a yaillist to a mathematic formula. I thought to figering out this and the extension has executed. But in a test app I get an errorcode.
Can anybody help me with this.
The code is:
The errorcode, when I try to write the result tot a label, is this:

Perhaps this will help ?

Thanks for your info. Am going to look at this..

I have tried to use the methods in this tutorial. My app gives a error code that it cannot cast a string to a double. But it isn't a string. I think i have to make the incomming yaillist a double but I don't know how.

You must initialise new double then cast the result into this new double

Catch the bove result into a string then,

String str = above return result;
double result = Double.parseDouble(str);
 return result;

String str = above return result;
Double result = new Double(str);
return result;

May be work for you

Tanks for your reply.
I was assuming that the errorcode was rased by this code.

List NwLst = new ArrayList(items);

May be I am wrong. I am a beginning java programmer, I don't know how to use your code for this problem.

Sorry, I ment this code
List NwLst = new ArrayList(items);


"List NwLst = new ArrayList(items);"

How does this works?? it skips Double between arrows

You should be calling Double.parseDouble() before you do call the Math.log10() method.

The line should probably be like:

Math.log10(Double.parseDouble(*your item*.toString()))

Thanks!! Ill try this.
I have done what you advised and the extension was created. So far so good. But when I use the extension in my app the same error code persists.
This is the reason why I think the errorcode is rased from a line before this.

ah yes, check the list function, you have declared List<Double> and passing a non-double list (Yail List) and thus resulting in the problem

This is what I have passed. I want to pass double numbers.

Indeed, how can I pass a double list. How do I do that?

you would need to parse all the doubles as string from the list,
thats how it should be:

  public int TestDoubles(YailList values) {
    List<Double> doubles = new ArrayList<>();
    for (String val : values.toStringArray()) {
      // parsed double
      double d = Double.parseDouble(val);
    // and now you have the double list
    return doubles.size();

Its works!!!!
Like you wrote, exactly.
Thank you very very much. Now I can go on.....

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