How do I convert a Label from Arduino to a signed number

I am a bloddy fresher in AI2, but I think I have the same problem which is discussed here. I am sending a string with 8 informations from my Arduino to my mobile. I split this string with split.text into 8 lables. That works perfect. The first label is physically a delta pressure which is a signed 2 or 3 digit value. number of digits is dependent on the size of delta pressure (examples: 0,-2,-13,20,55). Now I would like to visualize delta pressure graphically in a canvas. I worked for more than 10hours on this issue, but I didn´t find a solution. To bring it to the point: how can I convert a Label to a signed number compatible to be shown with canvas.

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See FAQ Section: Charts and Graphs for how to convert a list of numbers into a graph.

Do you need help collecting readings into a list?

Thanks for the hints, I will check, if this example helps to solve my problem. The data are already in a list, but my problem is, that my "delta pressure" comes in text but I need it in numbers for canvas.

Scrolling Graph of potentiometer via BlueTooth -

Here an extension:

thanks a lot Juan Antonio... will check that also. I need some time to digest the inputs..

Hello, my problem is more than solved. I married my Code with "scrollingGraph_05", and that´s working nearly perfect. What I can see now is, that the transmission of the data has some "dead zones" - this seems to be a timing issue, what I can solve by my own. Even I have not fully understood, why it didn´t work with my original approach, but I assume it has to do with my "dead zones". I really have learned a lot from and with your inputs. Thanks a lot !!

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