How do I control the smart home (of google home) from my app?

I want to control the smart home (of google home) from my app. How can I connect my application to a user’s google home account and control their smart home?

Here’s something that might help:

I’m not that good at API, and I really need that option, can you help me find a solution to that?

Why not use the Google Home app directly? For that it was created :thinking:

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just follow the documentation

To create a smart home Action:

  1. Set up an OAuth 2.0 server for account linking.
  2. Create an Actions on Google developer project.
  3. Add authentication to your project

and if you are ready with that (note: to help you with this setup is out of scope of this community), then come back here and we can help you with the further steps of creating the process intents.

You have successfully added authentication to your smart home Action project. You are now ready to create the logic to process smart home intents. See process intents.


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

I have developed a personal assistant application, I want her to be able to control the house for me

Do you give orders to your assistant?

If so, you can perfectly use Google Assistant to control your home
For example, if you have lights set, say: “Ok Google, turn on the lights”

The user tells the assistant to turn something on or off (she will only do it if the user tells her). And Google Assistant doesn’t support my language and my area, but my assistant does, so it’ll be a nice addition

The link you provided refers to Google Assistant API

Unfortunately, I do not understand so much what to do😔, English is not my native language so it is quite difficult for me, (this is not the first time I try to do it).
can you help me with that please?


At some point in the process (from everything I have learnt about OAuth2 and Client IDs in relation to AI2), your user (you?) will need to authenticate and log in to your google account( the one on your device), through your device browser (best this is Chrome), and you will need to carry this authentication back to the app, (and maybe into the webviewer), in order to complete the OAuth2 process . None of this is trivial.

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