How do I construct a graph from the data stored in TinyDB

Hey, i am quite new in using this software. i'm trying to create a line graph from the data stored in tinydb and can you tell me where is it i did wrong? it's for my school project

Try something like this:

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Alright i will try it now, so should i delete first the 2 codeblocks i uploaded?

From the project or from the topic ? Leave them on the topic, it helps others. Modify what you have in your project.

i mean on my project sir. So i have deleted the 2 codeblocks on my project and replaced it with the current codeblock i copied from yours. the result is that i got this message when i try to run it in my phone.

I managed to get the graph plotted and displayed, i made some modification on the code and do you mind checking whether it is the proper way to put the codes like that?

This is the output i got:

You just have to be careful to not use the tinydb for anything else other than the monthly BMI score

Thank you very much! you definitely saved my day today sir!

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