How do I compare text or label to a decimal number?

Hello, hope you're doing well?

I'm brand new to app inventing in all senses so please go easy on me.

I have made an app that receives battery voltage and current float values from Arduino & BT modules. Had problems with getting data out of order, but after working on the clock and timing and adding some additional controls this is now working well.

For the next part, I was hoping to have a number of images (of battery levels) layered on top of each other and only have one visible depending on the voltage level.

I have tried method of IF "Lable" > than 12.00 THEN image 100% true (and all the rest false)

It doesn't want to do a label > than number action.

I also attempted to convert the label or text into a number, but that didn't work either.

any other (or correct) ideas out there?

Many thanks


If (is a number(Label.Text)) then
  If (Label.Text > 12.00)

is the safe way to test

Thank you very much. Took some thinking as I still need to learn where the commands are hidden.

Tested and works great. Let's hope it copes (i) with the next percent images.