How do I choose a random item?

hello, I would like to do like a bot that would be able to retrieve between 1 and 10 data that the user has entered in a textbox one by one, then choose one of the data entered at random and display it to the user in writing (like a roulette in which we could insert choices, except that here no roulette) and I don't know how to do it :sob:
If you need more explication text me :joy::sob:


These should get you started ...

Yeah i already did that but i dont know how i could get the data to be entered and then one of them to be chosen at random, there is no tutorial on ytb so i dont know :sob:

like, how to take the data that the user has entered and then have the bot take a random one and display it

and it must be random each time.

Learn about using lists:

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I'll try :slight_smile: