How do I check if WIFI connection has changed?


Is there a way in MIT App Inventor to check if the WIFI connection has changed (what I mean by that is if it has changed from WIFI 1 to WIFI 2 but NOT to check if the WIFI is on or off)

Thanks to anyone who would like to help me!

Use the extension:

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Thanks for the reply but how do I use the extension?
I have it downloaded and added into my project.
Can you teach me how to use it?

Like for you to show me blocks that are functioning.

Did you read the page you were referred to ?

All blocks are shown and described in some detail


Yes, I did. I even downloaded the aia file but I don't get how that works.

get the current SSID and store it in a global variable
use a clock component and check regularly if the current SSID is still the same as the stored ssid
if not, it has changed

A very good way to learn App Inventor is to read the free Inventor's Manual here in the AI2 free online eBook ... the links are at the bottom of the Web page. The book 'teaches' users how to program with AI2 blocks.
There is a free programming course here and the aia files for the projects in the book are here:
How to do a lot of basic things with App Inventor are described here: .

Also do the tutorials to learn the basics of App Inventor, then try something and follow the Top 5 Tips: How to learn App Inventor


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

I was thinking to do the same but I really didn't do it because I didn't know what the SSID is. Thanks.

protip: read the documentation App Inventor Extensions: WiFi | Pura Vida Apps

Get current WiFi SSID (Service Set Identifier).

and use Google: what is SSID - Google Search

SSID stands for Service Set IDentifier and is your network's name. If you open the list of Wi-Fi networks on your laptop or phone, you'll see a list of SSIDs .


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And how do I get the stored SSID?
is it by using this block?component_method

Because what I want to do is if it has changed the WIFI connection, it would appendValueToList saying "reconnecting" or something, so that the connection won't be lost.

So, with that block can I store the connection it currently has and when it has changed I can compare it and appenedValueToList?

you stored it previously yourself in a global variable or TinyDB

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