How do I change the sound of the taifun alarm?

Hello, I have a problem, I don't know how to change the alarm sound that comes by default when the taifun extension alarm is activated. Not that it's an ugly sound, but I have an mp3 file that sounds better, and would like to know how I could add it to the blocks. I show you the blocks I made, thank you very much for your help.

taifun alarm

As you can see I added the player1 in the middle of the blocks but the music starts to sound when I set the alarm, and it is not what I want but to sound when the indicated time arrives, I have tried to put it lower but the same does not work, only the sound that the taifun extension brings by default sounds. Thank you.

Hello Patricio

The alarm sound is built-in to the extension, so you cannot override it with the Sound or Player Blocks.

However, you could request an enhancement to the paid version of the extension by contacting Taifun via email:

Oh thank you very much Chris, I didn't know that, and another question there is no other way to do it without the taifun extension, right? In the appinventor gallery there are many similar alarm applications that do not use the taifun extension but they only work if the application is kept open, if you close it and open it again the alarm is reset and the only solution I found is with the taifun extension. Thank you..!

The only viable alternative really would be to write your own extension.......

Oh ok, I get it, thank you very much..!

the alarm extension uses the default alarm sound of your device

no, there is no alarm sound included in the extension

to change the alarm sound you can use the settings extension and its RingtoneSet method, which is available in the paid version there


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Sorry Patricio, I misled you about the alarm sound - I assumed that since you said the alarm sound comes by default with the extension, and since the extension did not offer a method to change the sound, it had to be that the sound could not be changed without an enhancement. So, good news from Taifun because you can change the sound as you require :sunglasses:

Do not worry, thank you very much to both of you for your answers, it is very good news that the sound can be changed with the paid version however the application that I am developing is a test version, I will see how it works and if I see that the users of the application ask me as an improvement I will acquire the paid version of taifun .. ! Thanks again..!!

As pointed out by Taifun, the alarm extension uses the default alarm sound of your device, so it is controlled via the device.

And are there any free alternatives? Cause ya know, Im 11 and I kinda cant buy it

Hello Nadja

There are alternative things you can do, depending on what the alarm does/is for in your own App.

  1. Don't change the sound - it uses the default sound on the device and the User has already decided that is the sound they want to use!

  2. Create your own extension. This isn't as daunting as it might sound. There is a new program called 'Rush'. Written by Shreyash Saitwal, it is an IDE dedicated to making extensions and once set up takes all the confusing system stuff out of sight, leaving you free to concentrate on your program.