How do I change all the text boxes in a screen to one color

I am trying to change all my multicolored textboxes to one color, and I have no idea how to do so. Is there any way besides doing it all manually? :expressionless: Thanks, CS

If trying to do this at design time
Did you learn nothing ? :wink:

Thank you!

Well, I'm trying to change the textboxes during the programming phase, and all of them at once. Not design. We're DONE with that. (For now!) ~ CS

Programming and Design go together. You either want to have all the Text Boxes the same colour in the program, or you want to change them at App run-time.

If they are only ever going to be one colour, do it via the Designer [TimAI2]. If the App User is going to be given the opportunity to change the colour, do it programatically in Blocks [Anke].

... and if you want help in the future, please give a precise description and be polite to respondents.

Yeah, I'm very sorry for my impolite behavior last night. I am very new to this and am over my head