Changing an attribute of Multiple Components (Design Time)

I need help. I put 81 textboxes on one screen and need to change them all to Numbers only. Is there an easier way to do this, or am I stuck doing it all manually? (NOOO!) Thanks, Crow Song

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Once you have changed them to Numbers Only, will they stay that way ?

In the designer, you can select multiple components using the mouse and Control key, then you can set a property (numbers only) for all the selected components.

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Thank you so much!

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Before you dig yourself deep in the Blocks Editor, marshall all those component blocks into lists, and learn to use the generic components along with list indices.

Sample project:

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Do you really need 81 Text Boxes? You aren't expecting your App User to fill all of those in, right?


If yes, the user would uninstall the app a day before installing it. :sweat_smile::laughing::joy:

Well, it's a Sudoku make, solve and share game, so yes, I do need 81 working textboxes. :slight_smile:

Here is another 9 by 9 puzzle example with ideas you can copy ...

P.S. For a component based grid, see


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Thank you!

For Sudoku, consider using List Pickers instead of text boxes, and dynamically changing the Elements lists as the puzzle is built and solved.

Alternatively, you could use 81 buttons for focus, with a narrow 1-9 ListView on the side for input to the focused button.

then prefer dynamic textboxes. You can handle it easily

You could also look at using buttons instead of textboxes.

See my dynamic Wuddle (Wordle) example:


you can make procedure with for loop and if statements to check based on let's each textbox number

and then do the set for each textbox , start by doing it for 3 or 5 textboxes first and check if it fits correctly then go for your 81 textboxes.