How do I ask for Write Permission on API30?

Hello, I hope everything is alright with you all :orange_heart: Can you tell me how to ask for Write Permission for API30 and lower SDKs (Both) :v:

In your opinion, what is the difference between โ†’ API and โ†’ SDK? (*)

For new apps (to be published in the Play Store) the minimum โ†’ targetSdkVerion is 30.
On devices with Android 11 (API 30) WRITE permission is no longer available. Therefore, WRITE permission can only be requested on devices with Android < 11.

(*) Maybe someone from the IT experts can explain this better than I (as a musician).
See e.g. here.

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use the AskForPermission method from the Screen drawer
you might want to elaborate, what exactly you are trying to do...



Yeah I got it for SDK lower than 9 what I should ask for Android11 in order to download files from custom WebView ?

In Android lower than 9 write external storage permission should be asked I got it
I just want to know what I should ask for Android 11 ?

just ask for write permission... you do not have to differentiate between the different Android versions...
PS: you do not have to duplicate your answer and write a similar answer for @Anke... everyone can read it...