How do I arrange sprites on any screen size

Hello, I have a problem with a brick breaker game I have started programming. I would like the bricks that the player has to break with the ball to be arranged in the same way, regardless of the screen size. Normally you use an arrangement for this, but it can't be used on a canvas. How can I make sure that the bricks are arranged the same on every screen size? Like with buttons in an the way: The bricks are image sprites.

On startup, get the screen width and height values.

Use these to set the size of your canvas and sprites, as percentages
Ensure that any sprite or other movement parameters on the canvas are set against the sizing

See attached basic example aia project that sets a canvas size based upon the width of the device, and then sets three imagesprite "blocks" by size and position

responsiveCanvas.aia (4.6 KB)

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Thank you very much :smiley: This really helped me