How do I archive on my PC the files already in the trash can?

Dear all,
please apologise my probably trivial question, but how can I archive on my PC the files that I have put in the trash ?
Currently I'm using the trash as a repository, but this is not the right way to use the trash can, obviously.
I've tried to select some of the files in the trash can, and I've selected the "export selected project (aia) to my computer" in the menu , but what it's happened is that the current project has been saved, not the selected ones.
Sure I should have started to save the aia files on my PC from the beginning, instead of putting them in the trash, but now I have many files that I would like to store on my PC, thus freeing the trash can.
In other words: is there the possibility to archive the whole trash can on my PC ?
The "long way" is to restore the files from the trash, then save the relevant .aia's on my PC, but isn't there a quicker solution ?
Any hint or help is greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Ugo.

You will have to put them back into My Projects, then select them, then export to aia, then back into trash, then Delete. A group of exported projected are saved to a zip file - with the same name each time.

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Hello @TIMAI2
Thanks for your feedback.
Yep, I was afraid of that :sob:
Now I know what I have to do night-time ... :innocent:

Cheers, Ugo.