How Do I Add Visible Component in personal App Inventor?

Hii friend ,
I am nick and i am using MIT App Inventor offline version for my personal use. can any one tell me how can we add visible component in App Inventor.
because i am using some extension for design and every time i need to give blank arraignment to create view so can any one help me?


We need to know more Nick, frankly your post does not make much sense :upside_down_face:

If you mean you wish to add a component that App Inventor does not offer, that is currently not possible - but someone is working on such a project so maybe in the future we will be able to add unique components via extensions.


thank you sir for your replay.
let me clear my problem ,
see many android widget are not in app inventor but we found in other app builder which are made from kodular and casagbig… my question is they have one widget android card view and this widget is visible component.
i have card view extension made by me to use card view in MIT app inventor but every time i need to give blank arrangement as an input of extension block.
now i want that how can i add this card view extension in component so not required to use blank arrangement as input.

Hi Nick

I see now - you are extending App Inventor with new components. This is the wrong part of the forum to ask, since it’s about writing Apps, not the IDE.

This is where you will find help:

thank you sir

I think you can't use extensions to add Visible Component in the Designer, you have to use arrangment to deal with your component placement on screen.

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