How do I add text on a new line in label?

I want to add some text on a new line on a label..
but when i see it on the phone connected it is coming liken a paragraph

You need to use a line return character


or if you tick the HTMLFormat box in the designer for a label use the html line return



I am not understanding...plz be more clear
thank you!

and i am talking about it on the design page
pz help


The cat sat on the mat\nThe dog went for a walk\nThe cow was in the field

will display in a label

The cat sat on the mat
The dog went for a walk
The cow was in the field

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screenshot plzz
i got it but need screenshot
i want to edit on the design tab

Do you understand?

blocks (1)



Not working

how are you testing this ?

on a phone
AI companion

show the output for label1


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ok wait @Anke and @TIMAI2
i will see

I was "going into the weeds" trying to use ListView to display a list. Your insight TIMAI2 kept it simple for me. Thanks!

its not working for me too

What is not working, show your relevant blocks/data, and settings for your label in designer.

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Perhaps this is what you want to do (add text to existing text in a Label) ?

really helpful, thx!