How do I add notification for my app?

hey i have an application of flame detector i wanna add a notification to it when the sensor detect fire if any one knows how to do it please help me
this is th project

test1.aia (12.9 KB)

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Hello @mansouri_emna, welcome to our community, please read this before create new post, Welcome to the MIT App Inventor Community,
and you can test this extension: [FREE] Notification Style: extension with various types of notification

Are you working with this person?

Your .aia looks very familiar.

yes its the same project

i didint find anythig helpful on google im trying to get status bar notification
i used taifunnotification but when i run the app it dosent work

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Maybe check if notifications are disabled or "Do not Disturb" mode is enabled or something like that. TaifunNotification worked for me a few weeks ago when I was testing it.

Also, what is your procedure in the app ?
Is the notification sent with a Button Click ?
Is the app open in Task Manager or is it closed ?

From the documentation at App Inventor Extensions: Notification | Pura Vida Apps

This is a simple notification extension and currently only runs on older Android versions, i.e. < Android 8. Therefore my recommendation is to use one of the other available notification extensions, see also here.

You also might be interested in my new Alarm Manager Extension with Notifications, which still works also if your app is not running.


do you know how i can get the app im trying to make send me notifications?

What about following the link to find the answer?

Or use App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps