How do I add my files into the program when compiling my program

I am trying to compile the program.And i am using files.But some files that i want write.Programcreates when i push the button(İ have no problem with this).Some files that i want to read(like dictionary) just i want to read.So i need this file after loading.But i can’t add the program.Can you help me.

Unclear, please explain in more detail.

Still unclear, please explain the goal of your app.

Try this:


This will save the file English.txt in the root directory of the external storage:

first off all i don’t want to save just i want to read.(/English.txt)Because these files is already ready.

i build blueTooth control command.and from the settings menu users can change the language.My Goal is 5 languages program But these files aren’t in my phone.How can compile wtih these files(English.txt,İtaliano.txt,deusche.txt,Français.txt,Türkçe.txt)

Since the text files do not have to be created, but already exist, you can simply put them in the assets:


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thank you very much Anke

But if you need to edit them they will have to be transferred to the sdcard.

Or you can upload them on first use

or access them from an online server using the web component, that way, all users get the latest version of the files everytime they start the app