How do I add/insert image in listview without json or any extension? Is it possible?

Hello guys.

I am currently making a book search app where I could search books using Google Books API and bookmark to save book titles, author, and book cover.

How do i add/insert image in listview? If possible without json or any extension?

You can't add images to a listviewer.
However you can create a custom listviewer using dynamic Components:

Colintree listview:

It is also possible using an HTML Table (Displayed in a Web view component, no internet required).

I think it will need internet connection.

No you can add the HTML file too the assets.
And then load IT from there

Read @janjan 's post.
He is using an API.

yes the api uses iternet of course but i am talking about:

this can be run offline.

For example:

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