How do I add in a list into my loop?

Which loop where? Which list ?

Provide a more detailed explanation of what you want to achieve, in relation to the blocks you have kindly posted.

how can i incorporate a list into my loop in the procedure. the list can be any list

repeat your question again does not help.
you want a for loop?while loop? to pick list item one by one?

Add a list in the loop that is already being used in the procedure

Your scorekeeping is off.

Remove that loop in your score procedure.

Score is called once per attempt at answering a question.

I need to keep the loop what else can i do


I just have to is there a way to do so with the loop

Your teacher might have wanted you to keep a separate list of individual scores (+/- 1) per question, and to add that list up later?

In that case start a new global list called scores (notice the trailing 's' to denote a list.), initially a list of 6 zeroes (you have that many questions?)

Use a replace list item block to switch an individual question score.

To display total score, set a global variable subtotal to 0, and add each item of list scores to it (+).

How would I do that

How would i do that??

Do not spam. I think if anyone knows, they will answer...

What should be on this list?

i dont know it can be aanything on the list but i am unsure on how to use a list inside my loop

Share the aia project to make it easier.

QuizApp.aia (80.3 KB)

I don't understand it at all. Your app works without a loop and without a list in a loop. Write what you want to achieve by adding loops there, otherwise no one will help because they don't know how...
We don't know what you mean. You can't add any list, you have to know what you want

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