How do I add a dependency in extension?

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I want to ask you that I finds jar files of library but I could not get it
Most of library provide its dependency
Please tell me can I add dependency in my extension at place of jar file if yes then how and if no then please tell me how can I get jar from dependency

See the source code of the TaifunGoogleAccount extension. There is a jar library added.

The jar itself is dependency and did you search on the forum?

Go through the posts on the topic and you will find what you're looking for:

You can find most of the dependencies at:


I did not understand

I have tried but I couldn't get it from maven

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Visit the link. There is java code. There is an example in the code on how to add a jar to an extension.

If there is no dependency on the maven then try compiling it and using it.

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The problem is not that I know how to add library in extension

The problem is that I couldn't get jar file
Wherever I find the jar I have got the dependency

May you please elaborate me how to decompile and what I have to decompile

You can download jars from the link provided by @Kumaraswamy

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You may have misunderstood me.

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What I said here

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If you do not have the dependency or the library (.jar) then you will have to compile it yourself as said above.

Google it. Or you can use it's java files instead of library but make sure the extension's package name and the lib's package name is same.

Did you have read this post??