How do I add a bottom navigation in app inventor?

How to add bottom navigation in app inventor. I searched and find some topocs but they do not get me dolition

What is bottom navigation?

Bottom navigation

As far as I know, u can do this easily by add some images and labels and as click function, u can switch visibility of Arrangements with your content inside it,


Yes, but I do not want to do like this I want an extension

If you want everything to be done with an extension, then I specifically suggest you to leave the hope of using Appinventor, Appinventor has many possibilities with built-in components, Extension support was just brought to do things not possible with built-in components, as i stated here, it is possible with some work, why you want an extension for it ?

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In bottom navigation the unselected image was disabled but in app inventor how we disable an image

Rather than asking how to do, have you even tried anything from yourself ?, If yes, then show

There is no any function to disable image so I ask for extension

There is lack of exploration in ur words, see here the way to do so,

See these sample blocks

From where I get disable image

There are several online tools, just grayscale your image

Some of those are:

Thank you but

do not say me these words

Well, that was the truth, you wanted an extension for the thing doable with existing components

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