How Delete Data from Form Responses


how can i delete data from a google sheet form responsens ?

is there a way with an makro, i need to delete all if row 22 reached, thats all
or a button that calls delete.

what can i do ?

It appears to be possible with google apps script....


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there must be a better way......

Yes, I wanted to do it with Listview, but I don't get messenger style with it and when I change the font size I get a UI error, the size is normaly set to 22 and thats far to big

that should become a private messenger.

I have currently solved it with an automatic macro that is triggered every 10 minutes in form responses

Another question, can I save a retrieved message and play it back on a new label so that only one line is retrieved at a time?

yes this way :smiley: learn learn learn sleep repeat