How could i sent data frm screen2 whiches align with the same google sheet timestamp of data from screen 1

Hi every one, I am new here
when i send data from screen1 to google sheet using response form and send another data from screen2 it appears as a separate data with new time stamp but what i need to locate data from screen2 with the same row and time samp of data from screen 1

annyone to help Thanks

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It sounds like you are using a google form to upload data to your google sheet ?

Every time you send to google form, it will create a new row with new timestamp, there is nothing you can do about this.

Perhaps show your relevant blocks, and explain in more detail, with images if necessary, what you are trying to achieve.

thank you I got that so i have to put all data in one screen.
is another way to do that with google script??
what i want to do is an app that allow me to know any car info entered to my garage with model and plate number and the date and time when enter. the second screen is the maintinance need and keep moving to the end until car get maintaine.

not necessarily, but you could always just use virtual screens

It sounds like you simply want to reuse the vehicle data on another screen? If you capture this in your app when you send it to google forms, you can pass this data to another screen.

If you want to add data to your initial google sheet entry, then you will probably need to use google apps script to achieve this.

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thank you very much that was usefull :+1:

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