How could I have a square icon when others are round?

hello, how could have a square icon when the other icons are round. thank you

It depends of you phone (rounded logos here).
You have too modify your picture if you want it to be a square, using png and introducing transparency all around the square. Using gimp for example.

Hello, I did all this but my icon remains round.
while I notice that on my phone several apps have square icons


try this one


by the way, it is better to use little sized images for a logo ex: 62x62 or 128x128 pixels

Ok thanks I'll try this


Là du coup je sèche un peu, je reviens vers vous si je trouve une soluce

Voici une explication, et une solution pour un codage, ce qui ne sera pas possible d'après moi sur appinventor.
Reste que sur d'autres téléphones ou d'autres anciennes versions d'android, l'icône apparaîtra sous sa forme rectangulaire, ce qui est à prendre en compte.,icon%20that%20is%20always%20available.

Hello, I'll try with APK Editor Studio.

Fine, please tell us if it solve the problem