How can you send data from Firebase to Labels?


Does anyone know how I can prevent a line break in a Label? I'm programming an app to extract data from a QR code, and the database is in Firebase. However, when I retrieve the data, if the exact data is, for example, "michael 85" it only shows the word "michael" in the label.

is it because the label's size too small?

set the response data to a global variable, then 'DO IT' on this variable to see what the data is.

The data has not been created by the app, using the Firebase component, therefore it does not have the quotes and (possibly) forward slashes for the Firebase component to read it correctly as an entire string.

Either add the quotes and slashes, or call back the data from the project bucket with an empty text block to return a JSON. Alternatively, use the web component instead of the Firebase component



the value for 'name' is from the firebase component, the value for 'name1' is entered in the console. Note the extra set of double quotes in the 'name' value.

Returning 'name' with the firebase component provides: 'michael 85'

Returning 'name1' with the firebase compoent provides: 'david'

You can call back the contents of 2Data as a json: