How can you have more space at bottom of design screen?

I am new to MIT app inventor and have a really simple question. On the designer section I need to add more stuff at the bottom however I have ran out of space to do this and it wont let me scroll down. I am using a vertical scroll arrangement set to fill parent that has everything inside. Any help with this would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

3 options here I believe.

  1. In the Components section click the screen name e.g screen1, then scroll down to the option scrollable and click it. then you should be able to scroll down my dragging on the right side of the phone design screen.

  2. other option is to select tablet or desktop size above the phone screen and you will be able to see more. Can be useful, just make sure to set it back to phone size after your done.

  3. set everything your adding to a small size then in the code blocks set the sizes you want everything in the screen initialize block.

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if you use vertical scroll arrangement don't forget to uncheck scrollable in screen1 section

Thank you both for your responses, it was informative and I found a solution.

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