How can you abort a click event?

I'm searching for a method to abort a click event.
i.e. i have created some input-fields for data. when i press a save-button i will proof wether data to store a valid or not. if valid i will store the data, if not i would like to cancel the click-event and return to my input fields.

Is there anyone who has a suggestion?
Many Thanks


Perhaps you could use a Notifier event that pops up each time with two buttons: a save button, and a cancel button. I'm pretty sure you can guess the rest all on your own.

(sorry about the bad formatting + lack of detail, I'm on my phone)

Use an if/else condition block to test the validity of your textbox entries, if valid then proceed, if not valid then do not proceed. Combine this with the notifier as above to give the user feedback.

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You can take help/hint from below example for form validation.

You are so fast in answering....... Thanks to all who answered.
Sometimes i'm sitting in front of my screen and cant find the simpliest solutions. When You mentioned the "Notifyer" solution with deciding to proceed or not...... it sounds so simple, but i did not found it.

Many thanks that you also are answering such a stupid question. Thats great.