How can we use material icon here


How can we use material icon here ?

I have added icon on My Projects, Guides , Report an Issue, etc by using Image component but I am not able to add icon on the place of account.

I tried by creating Icon on account by using Image component but I am confused what function will run when that icon is clicked

The item you're referring to is the accountButton object created in This is a DropDownButton, which can take an Image rather than text. You'll need to update the code accordingly if you want to use it to show the Image you desire.

I do not got reply till 2 days so what I have done is
I have set removed text from accountButton and changed its StyleName to ode-Profile and in Ya.css I have set height, width and background image in ode-Profile and now It looks same as I want

Yes, I know that it is defined in but we cannot add an Image on the place of DropDownButton

I have seen There is an Image option in parameter of DropDownButton but that is not working

I want to use Account_Cirlcle Logo

Can you please tell me how to use Material Icon in or any file?