How can we remove the 'move to trash' button

I am creating my builder
I want to know how can we remove move to trash button that is besides start new project button when I remove move to trash button from,, and I run ant command it goes successfull but when I open local host I got error that an Internal error occured
Please help me

Can you explain bit more about what you want to do?

Please share your error message so that anyone of community members can help.

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I think he wanted to delete this button,

I am talking about top panel Move to trash button how can we remove this
Also nothing I am getting except error in local host only a white page and that error

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This one, here, right?

From next time please post everything in detail with images if possible...

Yes same thing taht you posted

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The acceptable companion version are defined in file in componet derectory

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@preetvadaliya please tell me how can we remove hat option or tell me from where we got thta handler of move to trash
Means when Move to trash button click then which process star tplease tell me

The button will be enabled when you select a project and after clicking on that button the project will be removed and moved into the trash section you can view the trash section by clicking on the View Trash button in the TopPanel

I want to know the code which code runs when Move to trash btton click

Move to Trash button is defined in file here is the location of the file ...

line number : 56

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when the click action performs on the Move to Trash button the MoveToTrashAction will execute.

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Thanks for your info Is there any other files bcs I already know these two

I think no if you remove the button then the user can't click on the button and the action will never run.

Move to Trash is also defined in this dropdown so probably you need to remove from this also...

How can we remove from that

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if everything I will tell you then what you will do? try by yourself and learn evetime asking questions in the community is not a good way of learning.


if parva will tell everything then what will you do


Why do you need to remove the trash button?


May be we can remove from

why not try it yourself ?

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