How can we make an app that can receive a text message from an Arduino indicating that an ingredient level is low?

We are working on an Arduino project to detect the coffee and water levels in a coffee vending machine. The machine can send us a message through our smartphones when it detects low levels. We are using two ultrasonic sensors (HC-SR04), a Bluetooth module (HC-06), and a water sensor. However, we are currently encountering difficulties in building the MIT app that can receive the messages when the sensors detect low levels of coffee powder or water.
I hope you can help us with this. Thank you in advance


What the community knows about sending sms from an arduino

Water level: user your water sensor and control statements to decide what message to send. Programming Your App to Make Decisions should help you with the code.

What have you coded so far?

For now, we are working on it again because what we made didn't work.

We really need help because we don't know much about this yet. We're still learning everything here.

But you didn't read the links supplied above yet that provide advice. Click the blue text to follow the links.

Perhaps this link too arduino coffee machine levels - Google Search

No one can provide specific advice with out seeing your Arduino script and an aia of the code you tried. :cry: