How can we auto scroll down in a chat app?

I made an app and that can chat. There is a small problem with it. That is when we send a message, we can't see it because it auto shown the top message. But The message we sent is shown at the bottom. How can I make it auto scroll down.


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Your welcome !

then how can I use it?
Can you send me a image please

my blocks

The below extension is recommended because they're few bugs in the extension above Android 9 (If I correctly remember)

I only need to know what are the block that I can use for auto scroll

@Aquib_Khan you should not post someone's extension directly

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use this extension -

and now how ?
you should use the block VFullScroll and and the direction should be from the method VGetBottom

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This Block in between yourr ListView1.Elements and chat List block might do what you want