How can these values be extracted from the attached json?

noaajson.txt (300.5 KB)

This is extracted from the attached json

"type": "Feature", "properties": {"dn": 3, "PRODUCT": "Day 1 Excessive Rainfall Potential Forecast", "VALID_TIME": "22Z 09/21/22 - 12Z 09/22/22", "START_TIME": "2022-09-21 22:19:00", "OUTLOOK": "Moderate (At Least 40%)", "Snippet": "22Z 09/21/22 - 12Z 09/22/22", "ISSUE_TIME": "2022-09-21 22:19:00", "END_TIME": "2022-09-22 12:00:00"}}]}

The Bold type items are what I am interested in.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. :astonished:

This snippet does it but it is very awkward

Here's a text shredder approach.
A dictionary based approach would also be good, in a separate post.

Web_Page_Shredder_NOAA.aia (128.5 KB)

initialize global NOAAtext to

the easy way is to use GET VALUE AT KEY PATH block

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That's good for sniping your data, one shot at a time.
The OP needs a machine gun to wallpaper a table.

@Juan_Antonio Thanks. That parses the json and extracts exactly one instance of OUTLOOK. Useful but not appropriate in the app I am building.

@Kevinkun Thanks. Not that simple. OUTLOOK is not a dictionary key and as Abraham indicated would grab only one instance of OUTLOOK's value.

@ABG Interesting and it might work but my awkward solution is streamlined compared to your great code snippets . Useful but...requires extensive reworking of my app.

Tried working with a dictionary but haven't got the code to extract OUTLOOK so I am doing something wrong w.r.t. dictionary

What works right (I should have shared this earlier)

The code extracts the OUTLOOK for each Polygon in the json. :astonished: .


With extension:

borrar_jsondd_v2.aia (707.3 KB)

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