How can I use the old texting component in the latest Ai2 platform?

Im aware that play store has banned apps that have a capability of sending sms automatically and without the consent of the user.
In my case, i need an app capable of replying customers who request current prices without a human operation.

I read somewhere saying app inventor will allow users to build apps using the old component.
Kindly help. I need this.

Please forgive if I broke some rules

Simple answer - you can't.

However, if customers are using your app, why not send the details through "in the app" using your online data sources etc. This should be as immediate, and no need for texting/SMS at all.

In the texting component is the block sendmessagedirect. You can then send sms directly. Your app will probably not be accepted on google play. But if you just install it on your own phone then it will work.

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Thanks Peter!
I think your solution will do just what I need.
The app is for one device only, it won't be that important to put it on play store.

Thank you

Unfortunately, in the third world case, internet is still very expensive to the majority of our population. We usually buy specific data bundles like WhatsApp, Twitter etc. The universal one is expensive due to updates.
That is the reason why I am going with the SMS approach.
Thanks a lot.

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