How can i use satellite maps offline on app inventor for small part area

Hello Everyone

How can i use satellite maps offline on app inventor for small part area

like for example eastern part of London and I want it only to work offline and i can draw few lines or circles on it ?

is there a special extension to do this ?


  • You could use a flat map and simulate a map tile. AI2 Flat Map Tutorial . Use OpenStreetMaps (not the Map component) to create an aerial map, use that map as described in the link. Since the map is plotted as the background of a Canvas, you can draw lines and circles with the Canvas tools. This map will work offline. Spotted location from the LocationSensor will not be precise.

  • The MIT map component can work off line in a limited way because the app you create caches map tiles that have already been visited. Use the Circle and Polygon Map objects to "draw few lines or circles " on the map could work. This map will work offline over a limited area (the Blocks your app has already visited while connected online). Spotted location from the LocationSensor will be precise.

  • Similar to the first idea, however create your flat map on and use the tools to draw lines and circles.

Experiment. All these techniques do work. Yes I have completed Projects using them whether they are useful or not for your application I have no Idea. Good luck.

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Thank you very much for you informative replay

but if i want to make a map of small city like 20 km or 30 km radius , map component as mentioned in bulletin number 2

won't be much useful because it might not cache everything right ?

as first option it's good but terrain and real images are lost i guess only roads shown up :confused:

i have off topic question , are they both google play publishing friendly , or strike and rejection just waiting around the corner ?

Possibly. The maps using photos in the USA are available at much better resolution than those OSM tiles available in the USA.

Not necessarily. What will show will be what is on the screen capture.

...or for better resolution try a microsoft London, England, United Kingdom | Zoom Earth

Google Play? I don't see why not. Google perhaps would not allow a screen capture of one of their map tile images but other images should be ok.

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