How can I use Javascript CURL in app inventor please?

How can I use Javascript CURL in app inventor please ?

for example doing a twitter curl tweet ? any short curl example , thank you.

Give an example of how you would use it “not” in AppInventor (e.g. computer web browser)

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There is a short tutorial about how to use Javascript in AI2 here [

Two New Tutorials on Using Javascript in App Inventor


Will it help you with CURL, I have no idea Don

These links might be useful to you:

Using cURL

Twitter api with Curl

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twurl -d ‘status=Testing out the Twitter API…’ /1.1/statuses/update.json | jq

you can check this url

I’m very expert via php in CURL but it takes much time than using javascript beside it will take double time to execute two requests instead of one direct request.

CURL would be very useful.

AirTables has a CURL interface that looks attractive to extension-avoiders like me.

See here:

Might be easier to send requests to a php server ?

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yeah it looks like i’ll send them via php script afterwards so the app is only UI interface :smiley: