How can I use iframe for embed App Inventor site?

I am making education for MIT App Inventor via Korean education service called 'goorm'.
I want to make tutorial for students in this service. And I want to embed the MIT app Inventor site( using the iframe in this service. But I realized that I couldn't use it.

How can I embed the MIT App Inventor site( using iframe?
Please let me know. Thank you.

Best regards.
Haksung Kim.

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This isn't really something we support in the main system. Login goes through Google and I expect they won't allow logins in iframes due to security concerns.

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Thank you for your answer.
I am making MIT App Inventor's training system with an external platform similar to edX, but it is not easy.
Have a nice day today! Thank you.

You can use Unchive and adapt it according to your needs


We don't integrate App Inventor into EdX at this time. That's an item on our roadmap.


Thanks a lot!
Your answer was very helpful.
It is awsome!
Have a nice day!

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Thank you for reply.
I'm always grateful to you.
Have a nice day!

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